Name Gmex Inc.
Founded in June, 2001
President Masato Niitsu
Location Hosigaoka 3-12-22-201, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara-city, Kanagawa pref., Japan, postal code : 252-0238
- 20 km West from the center of Tokyo.

Profie of Founder / President
◆ I am good at proceeding jobs to support companies and organizations who wish to expand their business arm into Japanese market
.(concept map)

◆ In order to get your satisfaction;

- I will collect open market information you require.

 - I will search candidates for your business in Japan.

 - You are able to use our office as your Japan office with reasonable cost and
   I will work as your agent.

 - I am also able to arrange a press conference, a trade meeting and run advertising
  including media publicity.

◆ Recent achievements;

  - Arranged that International big diamond company based in India bought
    a Japanese diamond jewelry retail company with 90 shops nationwide.

  - Bridged Korean automobile tire mold company to sell their product forever
   to Japanese major tire manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Yokohama, Toyo
   and Dunlop/Goodyear Japan.

◆ I used to work for;

 - Goodyear tire Japan ---- Director, Advertising and public relations

 - J. Walter Thompson Japan
   (International marketing advertising company based in New York)
  --- Manager, Public relations, Personnel, Sales promotion and New  business. Manager of sales promotion for DeBeers (international diamond syndicate and the biggest client of JWT).

 - I had handled such clients during JWT period as Ford Motors, Kodak, Kellogg's,  Pepsi-Cola, Rolex Watches, Jonny Walker (Scotch whiskey), Olivetti, DeBeers  (international diamond syndicate), and many other multinational clients.

 - Edelman in USA (International Public Relations firm)

 - Hill & Knowlton Japan (International Public Relations firm)

 - Kumho Japan
   (International business group based in Seoul, Korea and parent  company of Asiana airlines)
  --- Sale Director, No2 position in Japan.

◆ I graduated from the Waseda University in Tokyo in 1969, one of prestigious private one here in Japan.

● I used to be involved in the following brands.
Photo of Goodyear of Global Medix's client Photo of Kodak of Global Medix's client Photo of Ford Motors of Global Medix's client
Photo of Kellog's of Global Medix's client Photo of Pepsi of Global Medix's client Photo of De Beers of Global Medix's client